Elefanten! / the big ones

I’ve been visiting the zoo several times now and there were some days with fair weather. Fair enough to sit outside and sketch. Finally I did what I was avoiding to do for a while now. I never made an attempt to try and sketch the elephants but did instead find several reasons for myself… Elefanten! / the big ones weiterlesen

Tulips / Ein Tulpenexperiment

The plan I had was something like „divide the paper into 4 sections and paint different loose tulips in each segment“ but somehow I ended up with 4 very similar and not very loose tulips 🙂 Der Plan war eigentlich, auf einem Blatt 4 völlig verschiedene frühlingshafte Tulpenbilder möglichst locker hinzupinseln. Irgendwie endete es dann… Tulips / Ein Tulpenexperiment weiterlesen