Tulips / Ein Tulpenexperiment

The plan I had was something like „divide the paper into 4 sections and paint different loose tulips in each segment“ but somehow I ended up with 4 very similar and not very loose tulips 🙂

Der Plan war eigentlich, auf einem Blatt 4 völlig verschiedene frühlingshafte Tulpenbilder möglichst locker hinzupinseln. Irgendwie endete es dann mit 4 relativ gleichen halblockeren Tulpenbildern 🙂


15 Kommentare zu „Tulips / Ein Tulpenexperiment

  1. And they’re all beautiful, too! I truly love the first one because the colours are vibrant and it is pretty loose, and I also really like the third one because of the high-chroma blossom paired with the pale greens. But they’re all lovely! What a great idea 🙂

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  2. Plans don’t always work out, but in this case it worked wonderfully! Each tulip is very different and unique. My favorite one is the one on the far right! Beautiful!


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