Elefanten! / the big ones

I’ve been visiting the zoo several times now and there were some days
with fair weather. Fair enough to sit outside and sketch. Finally I did
what I was avoiding to do for a while now. I never made an attempt to
try and sketch the elephants but did instead find several reasons for
myself why there are other animals to try first. On Saturday the last
page of the sketchbook had to be filled and there were no more excuses.
So here you are, two old ladies from India living in Krefeld and
enjoying the sun.

And would you believe that a sketching person is far more interesting
than any animal?! More than once there were some kids standing around me
watching and asking questions like “did you do this all alone” or “why
don’t you take a picture”. Did this happen to you too?


Jetzt war ich schon so oft im Zoo, und auch bei gutem Wetter, aber ich habe jedes Mal einen Grund gefunden, warum ich mich nicht an die Elefanten wagen sollte. Aber Samstag war die letzte Seite im Skizzenbuch zu befüllen, alle Ausreden waren gegenstandslos. Weil die so groß sind, musste ich noch auf das Vorsatzblatt (also die Innenseite vom Einband) ausweichen, welche bei Stillman&Birn netterweise auch aus gutem Papier besteht. Hier also zwei alte Damen, die sich über die Sonne gefreut haben.

Es ist auch kaum zu glauben, aber jemand, der malt, ist vieeeel interessanter als alle Tiere, die es zu sehen gibt. Etliche Kinder standen zeitweise um mich herum (die Erwachsenen machen lieber ganz unauffällig einen langen Hals) und fragten mir Löcher in den Bauch:-) Habt Ihr ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht?

16 Kommentare zu „Elefanten! / the big ones

  1. These Indian ladies are beautiful! I’m so happy for you to finally sketch the one subject you’ve been wanting to sketch for so long. Well done! As for bystanders and onlookers – yes, that’s a bit difficult. I had one yesterday in the drawing stage and I got really nervous, as a result of which the entire painting is just crooked. Curious bystanders are the main reason I paint outside the city.

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    1. Don’t ask me, I felt very nervous when it came to paint that day. But I get used to people. You can’t avoid them somehow. Even when I was standing in the middle of a big meadow some month ago people left the path and walked the way through the grass just to see what I was doing there „… hmmm…. what is the women doing, standing there with a brush in her hand infront of an easel? Lets have a look….“ 🙂

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      1. Oh, ok, I’ll be prepared for really strange folk then 🙂 That’s a funny anecdote. But you’re right, one does get used to folk looking over one’s shoulder. Greetings!

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