speedlilis / Turbolilien

On my walk for todays #NatureDoodlewash I passed a nice field of daylilis and stopped to sketch them. I soon realised that I had to be very quick this time because of several midges swarming around me. The sketch took me about 15 minutes for the price of 3 bites:-/   Bei der Suche nach… speedlilis / Turbolilien weiterlesen

Garden sketching / im Garten

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit a wonderful garden. Looked like a good place for a picture for #NatureDoodlewash. Time was limited so I decided to do some quick sketches instead of one big picture. The weather was way better than announced and it was really  fun! I was even thankful for some… Garden sketching / im Garten weiterlesen

Tarnung ist alles / Perfect camouflage

On todays #NatureDoodlewash walk in the park I saw loads of very very tiny toads… smaller than a finger’s nail. So cute!As long as they are that small. Sometimes a toad takes the wrong way and ends up in the basement garage instead of the big meadow where it belongs. Of course I save them… Tarnung ist alles / Perfect camouflage weiterlesen