Sunday cup / Sonntagscappuccino

For #WorldWatercolorMonth another one for my collection of wonky cups. A really fast one this time because I wanted to drink it while it was still hot. And I did! Have a nice sunday! Für den #WorldWatercolorMonth habe ich meiner Tassensammlung“ ein weiteres schiefes Exemplar hinzugefügt. Die vermutlich schnellste Tasse bisher, denn ich wollte den… Sunday cup / Sonntagscappuccino weiterlesen

Säbelantilope / scimitar-horned oryx

For #WorldWatercolorMonth I like to introduce another inhabitant of the Krefeld zoo. Their original home is the  desert so I’m not shure how much they like the weather over here. No  predators but lots of rain.  Their antlers look as if they not only  could comfortably scratch their own backs but also have to be… Säbelantilope / scimitar-horned oryx weiterlesen

Sunflower / Balkonstillleben

Somehow I’m always in a hurry so I only managed to do a superquick watercolor sketch for #WorldWatercolorMonth. It is a sunflower that grows between the floortiles of my balcony. Isn’t it gorgeous how natures takes every chance?   Leider habe ich gerade nur wenig Zeit, es hat nur für eine schnelle Skizze gereicht für… Sunflower / Balkonstillleben weiterlesen