more sparrows / Spatzen

Some more sparrows. Now at least my appartment is full of them! And it is fun to play around with brusho colours and ink and watercolour to see what works best.

Noch mehr Spatzen sind entstanden. Es macht aber auch wirklich Spaß, an einem Thema auszuprobieren, was am besten funktioniert… Brusho-Farben, Tinte, Aquarell… alles zusammen…:-)

IMG_9574 SperlingeIMG_9564 Sperlinge

5 Kommentare zu „more sparrows / Spatzen

  1. I would love to have a room full of these sparrows! We have a bird-feeding pole in the garden, quite near to the house, and we get wood pigeons and collared doves and blackbirds and robins and jackdaws and starlings and a wren, and blue tits and coal tits and great tits, and even a nuthatch and once or twice a jay (am I boring you?) but VERY seldom sparrows – which is sad, and your sparrows are lovely!

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      1. We put the feeding pole up exactly one year ago. It took a couple of months before we got any visitors, and then slowly more and more. This winter it’s been crowded! It obviously takes time.

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      2. Well I don’t think just age would be the problem (I don’t think birds are fashion conscious!) but maybe it could do with some attention….. Mine has 2 hanging feeders, one with suet balls and one with peanuts, and a tray with sunflower seeds (I buy these in a huge sack, at a good price) and I think it’s the tray more than anything that really got things started. It’s amusing to see two big wood pigeons together sitting on that tray at times, heads bobbing up and down, eating away. Different birds come to eat different things…..

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