Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath

Last weekend some sketchers met at Benrath Castle in the south of Duesseldorf. It is small but very pretty and is surrounded by nice gardens. The castle seemed a bit overambitious on that beautiful summer day. So I choose some of the statues behind the castle to be my motive. It is rather a collage… Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath weiterlesen

More people / Noch ein paar Leute

Drawing on a bus is really hard with all that shaking and braking. Therefore I coloured the lady at home at my not moving table. Otherwise I would have coloured half of the people on the bus too:-) Im Bus zeichnen ist ziemlich schwierig, kaum zu glauben, wie der rappelt und holpert und seine Ladung… More people / Noch ein paar Leute weiterlesen