Funny how far my bike had to carry me looking for another kiosk. This one is situated opposite of the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann in a very unurban landscape. I call it urban sketching nevertheless 🙂 . Auf der Suche nach weiteren Büdchen hat es mich und mein Rad bis nach Mettmann ins Neandertal getrieben.… Kiosk weiterlesen

Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath

Last weekend some sketchers met at Benrath Castle in the south of Duesseldorf. It is small but very pretty and is surrounded by nice gardens. The castle seemed a bit overambitious on that beautiful summer day. So I choose some of the statues behind the castle to be my motive. It is rather a collage… Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath weiterlesen

Kiosk 03

There is a very nice kiosk in Meerbusch Büderich. They seem to have wealthy customers because it seems you can buy some champagne if you want to and not only the usual sweets and cigarettes. . Dieses hübsche Büdchen in Meerbusch Büderich verkauft anscheinend neben dem üblichen Sortiment auch Champagner. Es ist zugegeben eine wohlhabende… Kiosk 03 weiterlesen

Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub

The same procedure as every year:-) I always end up sketching some of the beautiful coloured leaves that I find on my way through the park. And every year it ends up to be big fun. Jedes Jahr das gleiche Spiel… erst weigere ich mich standhaft (ungefähr einen halben Tag lang) und dann skizziere ich… Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub weiterlesen