Prerow 04

In Ahrenshoop there is the so called Dornenhaus. The building is more than 350 years old and nowadays used as a gallery. They show wonderful ceramic works and pictures and the garden itself is an enchanted place. I didn’t have much time there and hurried to sketch some of the lovely ladies standing and sitting… Prerow 04 weiterlesen

new toys / neues Spielzeug

O.k., not really toys, but isn’t it fun to try out new sketchbooks and pens and colours? So today you see me playing around wearing a big smile and simply having fun! Zugegeben kein richtiges Spielzeug, aber ist es nicht toll, neues Material zu probieren, die Stifte, die Farben, das Papier des neuen Skizzenbuches? Trotz… new toys / neues Spielzeug weiterlesen

Summer is green…

… at least in my fridge. I was looking for something to sketch but also had to prepare dinner. Pretty soon I found myself happily sketching the green asparagus. Avocado on the next day and so on. I had some healthy and very green days!   Neulich auf der Suche nach einem Motiv für eine… Summer is green… weiterlesen