Another beautiful beach near Renesse. While I was sketching I could overhear a young man say to his girlfriend: „Why are you always collecting shells? You already hava a pile of them on the table at home?!“ She just smiled and said: „You can never have enough shells“. And I totally agree! Der traumhafte Strand… Boswachterij weiterlesen

down to the beach / Weg zum Strand

Here is another sketch from my holiday. When you walk towards the beach the first things you see are some colorful flags and with every step further you see more and more from the sea and the beach. I love walking down this way.   Noch ein Nachschlag vom Urlaub. Wenn man über die Düne… down to the beach / Weg zum Strand weiterlesen

at the beach / nochmal Strand

I hope you don’t get bored but here is another sketch from the beach. We took a long walk along the shore at Boswachterij Westerschouwen and then back to the bicycles through the shady forest. It was a really hot day for mid September and the shade was very welcome! While I was painting (very… at the beach / nochmal Strand weiterlesen

Beach bar / Strandbar

On the second day of our holiday we took a long walk along the beach. Every now and then appears a beach bar where you can pause if you want. And then walk on to the next. And the next. And the next:-)   Am zweiten Tag haben wir einen langen Strandspaziergang gemacht. Der Strand… Beach bar / Strandbar weiterlesen