Contruction site / Baustelle

Benrath is a quiet suburb of Duesseldorf. Normally. During my last visit nearly every street was under construction with noise and action everywhere. And then the nice orange car I wanted to sketch disappeared after only one minute or so… . Eigentlich ist Benrath ein ruhiger Stadtteil am Rande von Düsseldorf, Touristenmagnet wegen des wunderbaren… Contruction site / Baustelle weiterlesen

Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath

Last weekend some sketchers met at Benrath Castle in the south of Duesseldorf. It is small but very pretty and is surrounded by nice gardens. The castle seemed a bit overambitious on that beautiful summer day. So I choose some of the statues behind the castle to be my motive. It is rather a collage… Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath weiterlesen

Time for chocolate / Zeit für Schokolade

After two days of rainy cold and grey weather  it was time to visit the charming café called CacaoGalerie once more. There were lots of visitors that must have had the same idea! Je trüber das Wetter um so reizvoller scheint ein Besuch in der CacaoGalerie mit ihren vielen Variationen von heißer Schokolade. Und ich… Time for chocolate / Zeit für Schokolade weiterlesen

not so clever / nicht besonders schlau

Recently I visited the Schloßpark in Benrath and wanted to paint some statues. They are very patient and stand still for a long time. So I packed my stuff and looked for a nice spot so sit and paint. And when I reached for the paintbox to color my sketch it wasn’t there! Can you… not so clever / nicht besonders schlau weiterlesen