Touch of colour / Farbkleckse

Today on my way home I stopped to do a little sketch of this patch of crocus. The weather wasn’t too friendly and I soon started to freeze. But no doubt: spring is coming!   Heute auf dem Heimweg wollte ich diese lustigen Krokushäufchen skizzieren. Leider war das Wetter nicht so gut, wie ich gehofft… Touch of colour / Farbkleckse weiterlesen

locker genug / loose flowers

Lately I saw a video by Andrew Geeson and his very loosely approach to watercolor. Normally I’m more the kind of see-every-petal-type but I want to change that. So I tried to copy his picture. And I’m quite happy with the result. But I must admit: it is very small:-)   Neulich habe ich ein… locker genug / loose flowers weiterlesen