national arbor day / Tag des Baumes

This sketch is about 9 month old and it shows my favorite tree. I knew this tree since childhood, it was more that 150 years old (which I am not). While painting this I already knew that it was slowly dying. Every year there were less leaves and in November they finally decided to cut… national arbor day / Tag des Baumes weiterlesen

national garlic day

This was an easy choice for #doodlewashaday. In a friends‘ opinion garlic fits for nearly every meal and he likes to use a lot of it. The sideeffect can be that people stay in secure distance the next day. So don’t eat too much garlic when you have a date with your dentist or someone… national garlic day weiterlesen

rubber eraser day #doodlewashaday

In Charlies link there was a rubber eraser day on the list and I thought that this is a good opportunity to worship these helpful little guys. So I checked my desk and found some of them. My favorite is the blue kneedable eraser in the middle because it is gentle to the watercolor paper.… rubber eraser day #doodlewashaday weiterlesen

submarine day #doodlewashaday

Today is national submarine day. My sketch would also fit for a national dragon day, but I don’t know if there is something like that. The idea behind this strange combination was inspired by friends. She loves dragons and he is very interested in submarines 🙂 Es gibt also einen Tag des U-Bootes. Dabei würde… submarine day #doodlewashaday weiterlesen

farm animal day #doodlewashaday

Today is farm animal day, and I love cows and their big soulful eyes. So here is my colorful happy cow:-). Heute ist wohl so etwas wie Tag des Bauernhoftiers. Und ich mag Kühe und ihre seelenvollen Augen sehr gern (zumindest sind sie das in meinen Augen). Deshalb gibt es für #doodlewashaday heute eine glückliche… farm animal day #doodlewashaday weiterlesen