More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein

Yesterday I was in Himmelgeist in the south of Duesseldorf to have another look at the flood water. It wasn’t too cold at first so I started to sketch. Some of the people seemed to find this more interesting than the river itself:-) Starting from this spot in summer you have to go about another… More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein weiterlesen

Looking out / Blick nach draußen

The weather this week was no good for standing outside and sketching. But a coffeeshop with good view out of the window is the perfect alternative, isn’t it?😉 Düsseldorfer Schmuddelwetter ist nichts, wo ich mich draußen hinstellen und zeichnen mag. Aber im Woyton an der Schadowstraße war es ganz gemütlich, mit Blick in die (relative)… Looking out / Blick nach draußen weiterlesen

Time for chocolate / Zeit für Schokolade

After two days of rainy cold and grey weather  it was time to visit the charming café called CacaoGalerie once more. There were lots of visitors that must have had the same idea! Je trüber das Wetter um so reizvoller scheint ein Besuch in der CacaoGalerie mit ihren vielen Variationen von heißer Schokolade. Und ich… Time for chocolate / Zeit für Schokolade weiterlesen