Taking a walk

Recently I grabbed my sketchbook and went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was pretty chilly but dry and I loved to watch some happy chicken scratching around on the ground. . Letzte Woche bin ich trotz Kälte mit dem Skizzenheft durch die Nachbarschaft gezogen und habe geschaut, was mir so vor den Stift… Taking a walk weiterlesen

Enchanted house

Recently I was looking for something to sketch and ended up sitting near this somehow enchanted looking house. Do you know that nasty inner voice telling you things like: „…come on, sketch something, the weather is fine and you have a little time, who knows when this will happen again, so do it!“ Auf der… Enchanted house weiterlesen


I’m used to chicken out of sketching architecture but I have to practice. So not this time. Of course there are some mistakes in perspective but to be honest I somehow like my wonky houses. Can you believe that?! 🙂 Draußen zu skizzieren ist meistens sehr interessant für andere Leute, so auch in Hilden und… Architecture weiterlesen