Autumn / Herbstfarben

Last week I was looking for some colorful trees but was not as successful as I hoped. And that is the advantage of painting! You can paint as colorful as you like 🙂 Bei den angenehmen Temperaturen habe ich die Gelegenheit genutzt und versucht, ein paar Herbstfarben einzufangen. Hier in Düsseldorf hat sich der goldene… Autumn / Herbstfarben weiterlesen

Autumn again / Der Herbst ist da

Last week it was too warm for this time of year and the trees were either still green or didn’t have any leaves left due to the crazy hot and dry summer. But in the end we managed to find beautiful colours! . Letzte Woche war es gar nicht so einfach, buntes Herbstlaub zu finden.… Autumn again / Der Herbst ist da weiterlesen

moving wall / eine rollende Mauer

Although this sketch looks quite idyllic there are some people now and then blocking the whole way through the park so no one can pass without further discussion. And it will be a discussion most of the time if you dare to ring your bike’s bell! . In der Skizze sieht es nett aus, aber… moving wall / eine rollende Mauer weiterlesen