River Rhine / am Rhein

Last week I spent a very nice time sitting on a rock near the river sketching and enjoying the sun. The cormorant really sat there and was company for a while. . Letzte Woche hatte ich eine schöne Stunde am Rhein. Bestes Wetter und Zeit zu skizzieren, einfach perfekt. Und der Kormoran hat mir dort… River Rhine / am Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein

The first sketch was made on a very hot Saturday near Meerbusch Nierst and was done superquick because of some wasps being very curious what might be under the hat I was wearing. Diese Skizze zeig das Ufer bei Meerbusch Nierst und ich war sehr schnell fertig. Zum einen war es ziemlich heiß und zum… River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein weiterlesen

More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein

Yesterday I was in Himmelgeist in the south of Duesseldorf to have another look at the flood water. It wasn’t too cold at first so I started to sketch. Some of the people seemed to find this more interesting than the river itself:-) Starting from this spot in summer you have to go about another… More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein weiterlesen