Autumn again / Der Herbst ist da

Last week it was too warm for this time of year and the trees were either still green or didn’t have any leaves left due to the crazy hot and dry summer. But in the end we managed to find beautiful colours! . Letzte Woche war es gar nicht so einfach, buntes Herbstlaub zu finden.… Autumn again / Der Herbst ist da weiterlesen

Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub

The same procedure as every year:-) I always end up sketching some of the beautiful coloured leaves that I find on my way through the park. And every year it ends up to be big fun. Jedes Jahr das gleiche Spiel… erst weigere ich mich standhaft (ungefähr einen halben Tag lang) und dann skizziere ich… Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub weiterlesen

even more / noch mehr davon

It was so much fun to try this positive approach to negative painting that I couldn’t stop. When I start with the first brushstrokes I almost always think something like: What am I doing here? This is going to be a disaster! But when I remind myself that it is only a piece of paper… even more / noch mehr davon weiterlesen

autumn leaves / Herbstblätter

Like every year I just had to try to capture some of the beautiful colours of autumn leaves. I can’t promise it will not happen again next year! Wie in jedem Jahr komme ich nicht an den Farben des Herbstlaubes vorbei. Es wird nie langweilig und ich bin sicher, im nächsten Jahr wird es genau… autumn leaves / Herbstblätter weiterlesen