New sketchbook / Neues Büchlein

It just happened to be that my always-at-hand-sketchbook was full on December 31 and I could start a new one for the new bright shiny year (we all hope it will be don’t we?!). So I took a short walk in the park and spotted this couple on a bench. Perfect for page No. 1!… New sketchbook / Neues Büchlein weiterlesen

People / Passanten

Finding some people absorbed in their phones isn’t so hard these times. And lucky me they don’t move as much as without smartphone so I can try to sketch them without being caught. Ein paar ganz schnelle Skizzen von unterwegs… eine gute Sache am Smartphone ist ja, dass Leute dadurch tatsächlich mehr stillhalten und auch… People / Passanten weiterlesen

Café „Mit Liebe“

We met with some sketchers at the wonderful Café mit Liebe and had a yummy breakfast and lots of things worth sketching inside this nice place. Later outside it was quite chilly and windy but we all sketched nevertheless with wonky lines and enthusiasm. What a wonderful way to spent time in this crazy times.… Café „Mit Liebe“ weiterlesen