Saturday I grabbed my sketchbook and visited a streetfood festival nearby. You cannot imagine how hard it was to keep sketching with all the fragrance in the air around me:-) . Samstag war ich auf einem Streetfood-Festival. Und ich war eigentlich nur zum skizzieren dort. Könnt Ihr Euch vorstellen, wie schwierig das ist, bei den… StreetFoodFestival weiterlesen

Ballpoint pen / Kugelschreiber

I didn’t like drawing with a ballpoint pen. I never did. But the latest small sketchbook I bought didn’t like markers or fountain pens or anything else (forget about watercolour washes!). So I had to fill it with ballpoint pen and I must say it did work! No pencil drawing first. No eraser. And now… Ballpoint pen / Kugelschreiber weiterlesen