River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein

The first sketch was made on a very hot Saturday near Meerbusch Nierst and was done superquick because of some wasps being very curious what might be under the hat I was wearing. Diese Skizze zeig das Ufer bei Meerbusch Nierst und ich war sehr schnell fertig. Zum einen war es ziemlich heiß und zum… River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine the 3rd / Hochwasser die 3.

I took another attempt to capture the flood water. Better prepared than yesterday with two trousers, gloves, scarf and so on. But there was more wind this time so I started freezing very soon and gave up after the first wash on sky and water. The rest of the colour was added at home when… River Rhine the 3rd / Hochwasser die 3. weiterlesen

More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein

Yesterday I was in Himmelgeist in the south of Duesseldorf to have another look at the flood water. It wasn’t too cold at first so I started to sketch. Some of the people seemed to find this more interesting than the river itself:-) Starting from this spot in summer you have to go about another… More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine / Vater Rhein

The river Rhine is stretching its muscles and the landscape changes quickly with the rising flood water. Nothing too serious but nevertheless quite spectacular. I was really in a hurry with this sketch. Not because of the rising water but because of the cold wind! It took only 5 Minutes until my hands were starting… River Rhine / Vater Rhein weiterlesen

At the Rhine / Am Rhein

It was a wonderful and sunny afternoon down at the Rhine near Düsseldorf. Only the wind wasn’t that gentle and tried to kidnap my papertowel twice… but I got it back. Ein wunderbarer Nachmittag bei bestem Wetter am Rheinufer. Nur Wind war nicht ganz so nett und hat zweimal meinen Mallappen entführt… nach einem kurzen… At the Rhine / Am Rhein weiterlesen