Season opening / Saisoneröffnung

Recently we opened our personal „river Rhine season“ which means we head to the river and have a nice hour or two sitting there, sketching and reading and having a cool drink. . Neulich haben wir unsere persönlich Rheinsaison eröffnet und einen schönen Nachmittag mit Reader und Skizzenbuch am Ufer verbracht. Und einem kühlen Getränk… Season opening / Saisoneröffnung weiterlesen

High water / Hochwasser

This is one of my favorite places with a good view over the River Rhine. And it is very lonely. Normally. In this times lots of people seem to look for lonely places so this time it was nearly crowded i.e. every few minutes someone passed. I sketches quickly and went home. Normalerweise ist einer… High water / Hochwasser weiterlesen

River Rhine / am Rhein

Recently you could sit at the banks of the river Rhine and have a good time. Today it would be too cold and you would need a very big umbrella! : Neulich haben wir noch gemütlich am Rhein gesessen. Heute wäre das ziemlich kühl geworden und sehr nass, selbst ein großer Schirm würde nur bedingt… River Rhine / am Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine / am Rhein

Last week I spent a very nice time sitting on a rock near the river sketching and enjoying the sun. The cormorant really sat there and was company for a while. . Letzte Woche hatte ich eine schöne Stunde am Rhein. Bestes Wetter und Zeit zu skizzieren, einfach perfekt. Und der Kormoran hat mir dort… River Rhine / am Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein

The first sketch was made on a very hot Saturday near Meerbusch Nierst and was done superquick because of some wasps being very curious what might be under the hat I was wearing. Diese Skizze zeig das Ufer bei Meerbusch Nierst und ich war sehr schnell fertig. Zum einen war es ziemlich heiß und zum… River Rhine again / nochmals der Rhein weiterlesen

River Rhine the 3rd / Hochwasser die 3.

I took another attempt to capture the flood water. Better prepared than yesterday with two trousers, gloves, scarf and so on. But there was more wind this time so I started freezing very soon and gave up after the first wash on sky and water. The rest of the colour was added at home when… River Rhine the 3rd / Hochwasser die 3. weiterlesen

More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein

Yesterday I was in Himmelgeist in the south of Duesseldorf to have another look at the flood water. It wasn’t too cold at first so I started to sketch. Some of the people seemed to find this more interesting than the river itself:-) Starting from this spot in summer you have to go about another… More river Rhine / nochmal der Rhein weiterlesen