View with snow / Aussicht mit Schnee

On Saturday it started to snow. Again. I couldn’t believe it but soon the whole view was white. Again. I didn’t bother it was all gone in the evening. And guess what? This morning it startet to snow. Again…. Samstag hat es geschneit. Mal wieder. Ich wollte es zuerst nicht wirklich glauben, aber bald war… View with snow / Aussicht mit Schnee weiterlesen

Snow in March / Schnee im März

This morning my balcony was dressed up all in white and the mouse always sitting there looked a bit unoriented. Snow in March is quite unusual over here in Duesseldorf.   Heute morgen hatte sich mein Balkon ganz in Weiß gekleidet. Und die Dekomaus saß ein wenig orientierungslos herum Schnee im März ist nicht gerade… Snow in March / Schnee im März weiterlesen

white surprise / Überraschung

Last Saturday the world has turned white over night and it was still snowing. So I decided to forget about the things to do because they would wait for me anyway and started a quick sketch before the snow could melt. Letzten Samstag hatten wir einen spontanen Wintereinbruch. Ich habe alles stehen- und liegenlassen und… white surprise / Überraschung weiterlesen

suddenly snow / spontaner Schnee

Last Saturday I woke up to a bright white world. Everything was covered with a blanket of snow. It melted away within a few hours and in the evening everything was back to grey. But in the morning I sketched my snow-covered hyacinths on the balcony. Just in case you want to know what these… suddenly snow / spontaner Schnee weiterlesen