Dresscode: black

When you are planning to sketch people while visiting a rock festival your smallest palette will do. Make sure that it contains paynes grey or any other dark colour you like 🙂 Wenn man die Leute bei einem Rockfestival skizzieren möchte, reicht wirklich der ganz kleine Farbkasten. In meinem Fall 6 halbe Näpfchen. Aber Paynesgrau… Dresscode: black weiterlesen

The 2 towers part 1 / Die 2 Türme Teil 1

This listed tower in Duesseldorf is part of an old train station. It was used as a water reservoire in times of steam trains. In the roundhouse nearby you can find lots of wonderful old cars. They are available for very modern prices 🙂 Dieser denkmalgeschützte Turm gehört zu einem Bahngelände und war zu Zeiten… The 2 towers part 1 / Die 2 Türme Teil 1 weiterlesen

Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath

Last weekend some sketchers met at Benrath Castle in the south of Duesseldorf. It is small but very pretty and is surrounded by nice gardens. The castle seemed a bit overambitious on that beautiful summer day. So I choose some of the statues behind the castle to be my motive. It is rather a collage… Benrath Castle / Schloß Benrath weiterlesen