View / Aussicht

Every now and then I sketch the view from my balcony and this is how it looks like with the big cherry tree behint the house turning yellow all over. . Ab und zu banne ich die Aussicht vom Balkon ins Skizzenbuch, und so ungefähr sieht es aus, wenn der große Kirschbaum hinter dem Haus… View / Aussicht weiterlesen

Lunch break / Mittagspause

Yesterday I took my sketchbook with me for a short walk during lunch break. The result was a very fast sketch with colour added later. Eating lunch  is overrated anyway…sketching is more fun :-]] . Gestern habe ich die Mittagspause für einen kurzen Spaziergang genutzt und das Skizzenbuch mitgenommen. Gar nicht so einfach, im Gehen… Lunch break / Mittagspause weiterlesen

national arbor day / Tag des Baumes

This sketch is about 9 month old and it shows my favorite tree. I knew this tree since childhood, it was more that 150 years old (which I am not). While painting this I already knew that it was slowly dying. Every year there were less leaves and in November they finally decided to cut… national arbor day / Tag des Baumes weiterlesen

perfektes Wetter / perfect afternoon

  One afternoon this week was amazing weather so I took the chance and tried to sketch some crocus before they wither away. Under a tree next to me sat a man playing guitar. It was so nice sitting in the sun, having fun with my paints and listening to his music! I just had to… perfektes Wetter / perfect afternoon weiterlesen