Sunday fun / Sonntagsfreuden

It feels like a decade since the local USK group sketched together but on Sunday we finally met in an interesting park in the north of Duesseldorf. So many statues and objects! You can guess that I couldn’t decide what to include in the sketch and what not… Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit gab es gestern… Sunday fun / Sonntagsfreuden weiterlesen

drink&draw / Stammtisch

Yesterday was the monthly drink&draw-meeting from USK Duesseldorf at the lovely pub „Destille“ which means distillery. Lots of hungry and thirsty people and many of them with a sketchbook on the table. . Gestern war Düsseldorfer usk-Stammtisch in der Destille, es war auch dieses Mal wieder sehr wuselig. Zuhauf hungrige und durstige Menschen, und dazwischen… drink&draw / Stammtisch weiterlesen


Yesterday the monthly usk Duesseldorfs drink&draw was very crowded. Not only sketchers but the whole beer tavern was packed with lots of people enjoying after work hours. Gestern beim Stammtisch in der gemütlichen Destille in Düsseldorf war es voll wie selten! Nicht nur von der Anzahl USK-ler her, auch der Rest der Kneipe brummte vor… drink&draw weiterlesen

Drink&draw / Stammtisch

When USK Duesseldorf/Cologne meet it is always a reason to look forward to. Especially because I love soups and the cook at our pub Destille is world champion in cooking soups. In my opinion. The minestrone was gorgeous! . Beim monatlichen Stammtisch der USK Düsseldorf/Köln freue ich mich immer besonders aufs Essen, ich bin großer… Drink&draw / Stammtisch weiterlesen

flea market / Trödelmarkt

Last saturday Urban Sketchers Duesseldorf/Cologne met at a very charming flea market at Gare du Neuss. So many things to see and sketch that it was hard to decide which one to choose! I didn’t come very far and stayed in the little cafe sketching my surroundings. To be honest only a little part of… flea market / Trödelmarkt weiterlesen