flea market / Trödelmarkt

Last saturday Urban Sketchers Duesseldorf/Cologne met at a very charming flea market at Gare du Neuss. So many things to see and sketch that it was hard to decide which one to choose! I didn’t come very far and stayed in the little cafe sketching my surroundings. To be honest only a little part of… flea market / Trödelmarkt weiterlesen

even more / noch mehr davon

It was so much fun to try this positive approach to negative painting that I couldn’t stop. When I start with the first brushstrokes I almost always think something like: What am I doing here? This is going to be a disaster! But when I remind myself that it is only a piece of paper… even more / noch mehr davon weiterlesen

Orange 2

Construction site plus orange seems to be something I can’t resist at the moment. So here is another sketch featuring this combination. Strange how you can drive the same road every day and suddenly one day you see what was always there… Scheinbar kann ich Baustellen plus Orange momentan nicht widerstehen. Hier also noch eine… Orange 2 weiterlesen