Another coffee / wieder Kaffeepause

This time at the art supply store. This man was enjoying his new book while waiting for his wife. She frequently came back to the cafe inside the supply store with new paints and brushes. And because he changed position I could sketch him twice:-) Nochmal Kaffee, dieses Mal bei Boesner. Der Mann hat sich… Another coffee / wieder Kaffeepause weiterlesen

#OneWeek100People2017 day 02

Like yesterday the first few model were in the newspaper.Then I headed to my local Ikea to hunt some people for this challenging challenge.  I used a Leporello that I made for this event. All 100 people should fit in. Hope I counted the pages correctly:-) Genau wie gestern waren aber die ersten Skizzen nach… #OneWeek100People2017 day 02 weiterlesen