Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub

The same procedure as every year:-) I always end up sketching some of the beautiful coloured leaves that I find on my way through the park. And every year it ends up to be big fun. Jedes Jahr das gleiche Spiel… erst weigere ich mich standhaft (ungefähr einen halben Tag lang) und dann skizziere ich… Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub weiterlesen

Two statues / Zwei Statuen

This two statues are made by artist Hannelore Köhler. The standing lady is pretty small and resides in Duesseldorf oldtown. The sitting figure has found a very nice place in a park. I pass her nearly every day on my way to work. Nowadays there are lots of geese around. Perhaps she likes the company?… Two statues / Zwei Statuen weiterlesen