View / Aussicht

Every now and then I sketch the view from my balcony and this is how it looks like with the big cherry tree behint the house turning yellow all over. . Ab und zu banne ich die Aussicht vom Balkon ins Skizzenbuch, und so ungefähr sieht es aus, wenn der große Kirschbaum hinter dem Haus… View / Aussicht weiterlesen

Stairs and yellow / Treppen und viel Gelb

Did I mention that I’m in a yellow phase somehow? 😉 Another quick sketch from my everyday-park. The stairs were very challenging and didn’t turn out the way they look. But they look like stairs don’t they? . Erwähnte ich schon, dass ich in einer gelbe Phase stecke? Hier eine weitere Skizze aus dem Südpark… Stairs and yellow / Treppen und viel Gelb weiterlesen

„Karl Arnold“ by Bert Gerresheim

This sculpture of politician Karl Arnold doesn’t hide behind some bushes or so but most people manage to pass by without noticing it. I know that because I did so for several years. My sketching friend Marita opened my eyes and we headed out to sketch it. It doesn’t look alike I must admit. And… „Karl Arnold“ by Bert Gerresheim weiterlesen

Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub

The same procedure as every year:-) I always end up sketching some of the beautiful coloured leaves that I find on my way through the park. And every year it ends up to be big fun. Jedes Jahr das gleiche Spiel… erst weigere ich mich standhaft (ungefähr einen halben Tag lang) und dann skizziere ich… Autumn leaves / Herbstlaub weiterlesen